1977 The Carpettes were originally formed in County Durham in April 1977 by vocalist! guitarist Neil Thompson. Vocalist I bassist George Maddison and drummer Kevin Heard, all three having played together in their school band Brown Sugar. After lust two local gigs they replied to an ad in 'Sounds' placed by Small wonder Records and sent in a five track demo which earned them a deal with the Walthamstow based label record shop.On Decem

ber 11, 1977 their debut single, the four track "How About You And Me" EP, was released to favourable reviews in both the national music 

1978 The early part of 1978 was sport gigging in their native North East supporting the likes of Penetration, The Vibrators and Cyanide, having The Angelic Upstarts and Punishment Of Luxury support them and being interviewed for Radio Newcastle (who played three tracks "Small Wonder', TV Lady" and "2NE1" from their second demo) whilst their first London gig came as a support slot to label mates The Leyton Buzzards in March. In an effort to promote their second 45 Small Wonder (July 31, 1978), The Carpettes recorded a summer session for John Peel (performing Reach The Bottom, I Don't Mean It, 'Away From It All" and "Indo China"). Shortly after this Tim Wilder, ex of The Young Bucks replaced Kevin Heard on drums.Tim`s first job with the band was to record a second session for John Peel which was broadcast in December 78, the band playing "Cruel Honesty', "What Can I Do", "It Don't Make Sense", "Double Platinum and "Routine.

1979-1981 Leading independent label Beggars Banquet (home of The Lurkers, The Doll and Tubeway Army) had long expressed a keen interest in signing The Carpettes though at the time, didn't have the finances to fund any new artists However, when Gary Newman hit the big time with 'Are Friends Electric?" and a new distribution deal with WEA was signed, Beggars made The Carpettes an offer and in April '79 the band signed to the label. The first release for Beggars was the October '79 LP "Frustration Paradise" which was swiftly followed by the 45 "I Don't Mean It", both releases being promoted by way of support slots to The Lurkers, at their residency at London's Marquee Club. and even via some daytime airplay or Radio 1.

A second 45 from the LP, "Johnny Won't Hurt You", came out in December of the same year and initial copies came with a free live 45 'Total insecurity" and 'Keys To Your Heart' Both cuts were recorded at the University of London . After an 11 date UK tour with The Inmates they did a slot on 'The Old Grey Whistle Test" TV show on BBC2 performing the single and "Indo China".
Their first European dates came in early 1980 when they toured Italy and Holland playing gigs with , among others, The Merton Parkas, returning to the vinyl arena with the release of "Nothing Ever Changes" 45. A two week tour of Italy. which included a TV show with Robert Palmer, plus a festival in Holland (where they played with Metal giants Accept and power pop band Any Trouble), preceded the October release of the 'Fight Amongst Yourselves" LP and the Last Lone Ranger single.

1996 - Present Day After 1981 there was a long period of inactivity for The Carpettes as a band, although Neil and George did play together in other projects. Also Neil had an album and singles released with his band The Only Alternative. Then in 1996 The Carpettes got back together to play the massive Holidays in the Sun Punk Festival , held at Blackpool Winter Gardens.

This was followed by more appearances at subsequent HITS shows, a couple of visits to Germany and The Czech Republic, gigs around The UK and two tours of Japan , in 2001 and 2003, the first of which resulted in The Carpettes latest record deal, which produced the "Fair Play to `Em" album in 2002.

A series of re-releases followed on the German Last Years Youth label, including "Small Wonders", a collection of all the band`s singles from 1977-1980 and a live album, "Live at Last- Tokyo 2003."

During 2004 work was started on the fourth Carpettes album, for Texas based NDN Records. After a while it became clear that Neil did not want to continue working on the album so Carpettes fan Jimmy Devlin, from Glasgow, was drafted in on guitar and vocals. Paul Thompson followed his brother shortly afterwards and was quickly replaced by another Scot, Jim Cosgrove, who played drums on most of the eponymously titled "The Carpettes" album, due for release in April 2005.


In August 2011 The Carpettes embarked on their first tour of The USA, with 12 dates in cities as far afield as San Francisco, L.A., San Diego, Las Vegas and Houston..



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